Monday, April 20, 2015

News: Calendar with photos from Norway and / or the Lofoten available now

I have been able to publish two new calendars for 2016 in German:
  • Norwegen 2016 - Bilder einer Radreise
  • Lofoten 2016 - Bilder einer Radreise

While the Lofoten calendar has exclusive photos from my bike ride on the Lofoten, the Norwegen calendar also includes areas like Geiranger, Trondheim or the famous Atlantic Ocean Road.

Take a look at the preview here: Lille Ulven Photography - Product Gallery at Calvendo.
You can order them either at the online-shops mentioned on linked page or through your local bookstore.
For those of you who would rather want an English Calendar don't despair now - I will let you know once that one is available too.
I will at some point start telling the story of my Norway bike adventure here too, so you could follow my bike ride here while having the photos at your home.

Narvtinden on the Lofoten
Narvtinden on the Lofoten

Should you have missed out on the opportunity to get one of my New Zealand calendars - they are still available for 2016!