Wednesday, April 22, 2015

News: English calendar with photos from Norway / Lofoten available now

For all of you who where waiting for the English calendars, that I mentioned in my previous post, to hit the market: You do not need to wait anymore they have arrived! So I can now present you the following two calendars in English (with a British/Irish calendar):
  • Norway 2016 - A bike adventure
  • Lofoten 2016 - A bike adventure
The calendar "Norway 2016 - A bike adventure" includes 13 photos from Norway - as far south as Buskerud to as far north as Bodø. As opposed to the German edition this calendar does not include photos from the Lofoten. The calendar "Lofoten 2016 - A bike adventure" includes 13 photos from the Lofoten, the Norwegian chain of islands north of the polar circle.

Take a look at the preview here: Lille Ulven Photography - Product Gallery at Calvendo. You can order these calendars either in online stores mentioned in the Product Gallery or at your local book store. I have plans to tell the stories behind the photos that are included in those calendars on this blog, so you will be able to follow my journey not only through these monthly calendars but also on this blog. This is planned for the time when the story of my New Zealand travels has finished.

Fræna on the Frænsfjorden in Møre og Romsdal
Fræna on the Frænfjorden in Møre og Romsdal