Calendar Photo of the Month: April 2018

Calendar Photo of the Month: April 2018


The calendar photo of the Month April comes from the German Appalachen Süd – Planer, featuring photos from my In Search of Autumn adventure as well as an earlier journey to Tennessee and Georgia. If you haven’t done so, you can still find the story of the In Search of Autumn adventure here on my blog. Of course, you can also find more photos from the USA here on my website. I would love to hear what you think of it.

calendar photo of the Month April

Looking back to the creation of the calendar photo of the Month April

Solo and I had arrived rather late in Gatlinburg, the queue into town did not make things better. So we had to hurry to get some elevation to see the sunset. Unfortunately, the ride on the gondola, which we both were favoring, was rather expensive. The prices had clearly been adapted for the Fall Foliage season already. Instead, we had a look at the prices at the Sky Needle, which were still no bargain, but well I wanted to see the sunset and that was the price I had to pay for it. Waiting for the lift to come down and take us upstairs was nerve-wracking. Would we really make it in time for the sunset or would I just leave the lift and realize we were too late?
Luckily though we made it onto the viewing platform just toward the end of the sunset. I started to set up immediately. I had to capture this gorgeous view over the Great Smoky Mountains. That’s why we went up here after all.

What came after I left

Two or three weeks later, when the colors finally arrived this view would soon be disturbed. A fire made its way down from the Chimney Tops area to Gatlinburg, destroying a lot of the forest but worse taking out homes and businesses, not to mention lives. I would only get the news via Social Media and American newspapers as I was already back home. It is still hard to imagine this view covered in the thick fog created by the fires. Hard to imagine people would for weeks use masks to not breathe the smoke too much. As for the cause of the fire, I have now found this article. To sum it up very briefly: though two teenagers set one of the fires involved in this tragedy, other fires, strong winds and falling power lines had an effect on the tragic outcome.

Exhibition Reminder

Have you had a chance to visit my exhibition? If not: it is open every Sunday from 2p.m. to 5p.m. until April 22, 2018. Find out more about it here in English or here in German. If you have had a chance to visit it, how did you like it?

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