Happy New Year – What’s up for 2018

Happy New Year – What’s up for 2018

I hope you have had some great holidays and are looking forward to 2018 already, I am.

In 2017 I have learned how to use Adobe® Photoshop® to enhance my photos, and in some cases to remove unwanted objects from them. Of course, picture’s caption should always tell you if I have removed or added anything to them, as I do want to show the world as I saw it. But now I also have another more creative approach to how to create digital art. You find the results in my relatively new gallery Creative World.

Travels in 2017

I visited Scotland for a new bike adventure in August. You can find the photos from this tour on my website in my Scotland gallery. I am going to tell the story here from late January 2018.
Iceland has also been for a very long time on my bucket list – probably since I were a teenager and saw the German adaption of a book, “Nonni and Manni”, by Jón Sveinsson – and I have recently returned from Iceland from a photo adventure. The photos and the story of the journey will be published in 2018 too.

Of course, I already have some ideas of where to travel to for 2018…so there should be new stories to tell.

What else to come in 2018

I do want to add some more articles to my blog on how I solve specific tasks in post-processing. I will have to find the time to write them first 🙂
If there is an interest in it, I would also add articles on how I created a specific photo from the time I took the camera out all the way through post-processing.

And then there will be my landscape photography exhibition…more about that in later posts.

So much about me. But what about you? What kind of articles would you like to find here? Which ones have you enjoyed so far?

Happy New Year 2018 for you and your family!

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