In Search of Autumn – All Hills

In Search of Autumn – All Hills

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Sunday, October 30, 2016 – Monday, October 31, 2016

For the past few days, we haven’t been exploring Tennessee. Sunday Solo had to get some farm work done, so I used the time to do some Macro photography in his garden and his barn. Solo created some areas in his orchard to attract bees and butterflies. These flowerbeds are where I find some beautiful blossoms to photograph.

I also used the chance to take images of his fence, which I want to use for a special article series about the aperture in photography.
So yea, Solo was working hard while I was having fun.

All Hills

Monday, October 31, 2016

Today we are going to cycle again. This time, Solo suggests going on the All Hills route. Another cycling route that starts from his farm and loops back to it. Instead of following the road to Long Hill we are going to turn left toward Salt Lick Park. As the name of this ride suggests the route has more than one hill, and it also includes Steep Hill once more. Already the first hill is a workout in itself, and I am starting to wonder if I will be able to finish Steep Hill on my bike. If there are more of these kinds of climbs on the route, I doubt I will have the strength left to handle Steep Hill. This bike ride also has plenty of chances for me to take the wrong turn, so Solo stays close to me. He says that if he loses me out of sight on this one and I would then take the wrong turn as well, he would never have a chance to find me again. So keeping close is a life saver. But yes, during those previous rides I have got some of the training that I was lacking, so I am a little stronger now. Still, I like to stop for a short time on top of the hills that I climbed, to take my breath and have a look at what is lying ahead of me. Sure enough, the downhill would be relaxing enough for me to make it to the next climb, but I have never been on these roads before. I want to have a look around. I also need to get some information from Solo about what to expect in the downhill. There is one downhill, in particular, it ends in a sharp almost 90degree turn. If Solo hadn’t told me about the turn while we were taking our break, I would have taken it too fast. The downhill is not easy to handle. I am having difficulties keeping my bike on the road and am only glad Solo chooses roads with little to no traffic for cycling.

Ahead of us now are a few clicks without steep hills. Three of the hills we climbed so far stand in competition to Steep Hill. They aren’t as bad, but I do feel them in my legs. So I welcome the flat section of the ride, gathering some strength to conquer Steep Hill once more. Eventually, we make the turn toward that last hill and my fear, not being able to conquer it again, proves wrong. I can handle it. Slowly–though not as slow as the first time a few days ago–I am making my way to the top, and from there it is but a short ride back home.

Tomorrow we are going to visit some relatives of Solo in Nashville before another adventure awaits us on Wednesday. This is my last week in Tennessee, and I wished I could stay longer…but I still can come back one day.

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