In Search of Autumn – The Decision

In Search of Autumn – The Decision

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Decision has not been an easy one. But with a price estimate of 200$, a night and the fact that I only have about 10 days left for this holiday… Yesterday’s photos convinced us that it was time to go back home. Not that we would not have found more places to photograph, but there are also a few adventures left back home. Time and money, the thieves of a good holiday. Not really. I do enjoy my holidays with Solo a lot, and trail time has set in a while ago. Was it really just three days ago that we drove up to the Great Smoky Mountains? Now we are driving by it on the Highway, having a last look at it for this time. I do not regret our decision. But yes, one day I want to come back and do the entire Blue Ridge Parkway and more hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains too. I don’t know yet how to work it out. How to get the money that we would need to do it. Yes, in my mind I would be making that trip with Solo too. Maybe, if it ever happens, we could do some camping to cut down on the expenses. It won’t happen next year, so there is no point in planning it all right now.

New adventures getting planned

Solo stops the car at Hartford Welcome Center for a short break. While I enjoy taking some photos of it and the surrounding area he goes inside. When he returns, he also has some new brochures to look at. Information about places near enough to be reachable on a day trip from home. Despite the fact that we are going back home, the adventures haven’t ended. We will be doing a few more explorations near and far.

Cycling in Salt Lick Park

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Yes, this is the same Park we cycled to a few days back. It feels like it’s been a month at least. This time, however, we don’t have to turn back home to fix the settings of my bike. Now it runs as smooth as a warm knife through butter. Even though that is a weird comparison when I listen to my muscles doing all the work…
Solo is still riding faster than I am capable of, but the lesson from losing me so many times before has left an imprint. This time he is waiting for me at every intersection making sure that I don’t get lost. And to be honest, I would have been lost at the first one, I think.

The temperatures here are still record-breaking warm. Before I left Norway, I told some of my coworkers that I was taking my summer vacation in October/November. They gave me strange looks about that. However, with these temperatures on the forecast, they soon understood my point.

Am I getting lost again???

There are still no fall colors on display in Salt Lick Park. On the ride back home Solo sticks even closer to me. This time he does not allow for me to get lost again. This time I will have to make my way over Killer Hill! The election campaign sign is still out–the election being still a few more days in the future–so this time I am getting the hint. Though, I would have turned the wrong way earlier on if Solo hadn’t stuck with me…Will I ever be Navigatrix again for the two of us, when we are trying to navigate in unknown territory???

Killer Hill turns out to be worthy its name. It is a short but steep climb. I cannot get the pedal to rotate fast enough, even though I should be in my lowest gear now. But giving up on this one is not an option at all. I want a break when I reach the top, but that’s it. No pushing my bike up this one! And yes, I make it. Now there is a steep downhill with a mean intersection at the bottom. I would love to just enjoy the speed of the downhill with no second thoughts. But then I would not make the turn and potentially crash into someone. Neither is a good idea, so I am going as slow as I can. Solo is going ahead again. Now it is just that one more turn and then following the street until we get back home to his place. Even I cannot get lost here.

Tomorrow we are going to ride the Double Hill route again, the same one we did a week and a half ago. This time without me getting lost.

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