Cycling and Sailing in Scotland – Corpach

Cycling and Sailing in Scotland – Corpach

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Damn, I got up too late, we’ve already set sail when I got up. For so long I had planned to take some new photos of the beautiful houses of Tobermory. Not this time. Well, who knows maybe I come back someday in the future.

But at least I can have a last look back over the harbor of Tobermory.

Changing plans again

Again the weather is rather dull, from time to time it is raining as if someone was to pour out his bathtub, and it is chilly too. I guess I won’t ride in shorts and a T-Shirt today either. But before I have to make that decision it is time for breakfast and another round of briefings. I thought we would sail to Craignure today to cycle to Lochbuie, but the pier is still not fixed. As a matter of fact, the Scottish are as relaxed when it comes to repairing it, as Norwegians would be. So there is some sort of det ordner seg (it will all be solved) mentality here too, which usually drives foreigners crazy. Right now, we don’t even know if we will cycle on the Isle of Mull during this tour. Maybe we have to change plans entirely…det ordner seg.

For today we are setting sail to go to Lochaline on the Morvern Peninsula, on the Scottish mainland. There are discussions about whether we have to use the dingy to the shore or if we can use a pier instead. Captain Jan chooses the latter. It turns out that we are a little late for the tide. The current is making it hard for us to get the boat to the pier without damaging either too. The first attempt fails. The crew cuts the rope, so it won’t break and hit someone, they’ll pick it up later, or so they say. We need third attempts to get to the pier this time.

Let the cycling begin

Since the boat is low in the water, we all have to get up the ladder to get on shore. I don’t like these ladders. Climbing them in cycling shoes with panniers and a handlebar bag dangling around my neck is yet another challenge. Daniel and Maarten tie our bikes to ropes and pull them up to the pier where Meine and Vili ready to receive them.
I wonder if we could get tied to those ropes as well instead of using the ladder…

Since we don’t have to make any new adjustments to the bikes, we are faster than yesterday leaving the boat behind.
While it was still chilly on the boat, I am heating up fast in my rain gear. This is not going to work out. The first pullout is mine, to get out of the rain gear before I continue my ride. I don’t think I will ever wear my rain pants again…or maybe only if it really is pouring down, but then I should not by cycling to start with.

While today’s route still has some climbs, these are by far not as demanding as yesterday’s. Yet the view has improved a lot; so I don’t want to speed up, but instead, want to take my time for some photography. As expected this puts me at the end of the group, but who cares anyway? Vili, our second guide, is riding at the end of the pack ensuring everybody finds the way. He always has to wait for me to get my photos done. But he takes it with a big smile and some fun stories for our extra breaks.

We follow a beautiful downhill along the Loch Uisge toward Loch Linnhe and our destination, Ardgour.

From the harbor of Ardgour, the dingy will pick us up to get back to The Flying Dutchman and sail on toward Corpach. Ahead of the first of the locks of the Caledonian Canal, we are anchoring for the night. Tomorrow’s ride will lead us further to the mainland of Scotland. Unless of course there is another change of plans…

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