The Aspect Ratio settings explained

The Aspect Ratio settings explained

This post was updated on December 10th, 2020

Learning Adobe ® Lightroom – Develop Module

Last month we explored the Calibration Panel, and with that concluded our journey through the Development Panels. However, there are more tools to investigate the Develop Module’s right sidebar: the Local Adjustment Tools. Today, we’ll have a very brief look into these tools before we start learning how to use the Crop Overlay Tool’s Aspect Ratio settings. Next month we will continue this by looking at some examples, and we will look into how to modify the Grid.

Local Adjustment Tools Overview

Let’s have a brief look into which Local Adjustment Tools exist. Later we start exploring the Crop Overlay Tool.

You find all of these tools on the right-hand side of the Develop Module below the Histogram.

Adobe ® Lightroom's Local Adjustment Tools

– The Crop Overlay Tool's Aspect Ratio settings explained
Adobe ® Lightroom’s Local Adjustment Tools

From left to right, with the shortcuts in brackets, we have:

  • Crop Overlay Tool (<R>)
  • Spot Removal Tool (<Q>)
  • Red Eye Correction
  • Graduated Filter (<M>)
  • Radial Filter (<Shift>+<M>)
  • Brush Tool (<K>)

Except for the Crop Overlay Tool, they all work on a specific area of your photo, which is why they are commonly known as Local Adjustment Tools. You can also access them from the Tools Menu:

The Tools Menu in the Develop Module
The Tools Menu in the Develop Module

The shortcuts for these utilities work from all Modules of Adobe ® Lightroom. Should you be working on a book when you find out that your image does not have the correct cropping, press <R> to enter the Develop Module and the Crop Overlay tool at the same time.

In the next two pages, we will examine the Crop Overlay Tool and its settings in detail.

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