Calendar photo of the month: May 2018

Calendar photo of the month: May 2018


The German Lofoten calendar provides us with the calendar photo of the month May. The photo is also included in the English Lofoten calendar, but there already in February. The photo shows the view over Vestvågøya toward Bøstad from the Torvdalshalsen rest area. We had to conquer another climb with our bikes to reach this viewpoint, but it was well worth the effort. Just some minutes earlier we had passed the Lofotr Vikingmuseum, which for sure would have been worth a visit. But where to park our bikes and luggage? Not to mention the parking place looked busy already. Maybe I can go back one day?

05_May calendar photo of the month May 2018

Memories from a day cycling over the Lofoten archipellago

When I first suggested to Solo, to cycle all the way up to the Lofoten, above the polar circle, I could see him questioning my idea. He, with his experience from living in Alaska, had some idea of how it would look like in Northern Norway. My arguments of “it will be nice there” and “everybody says it is beautiful up there” weren’t really convincing either. Yet, we planned the tour to take us all the way north. I enjoyed our wild camping a few days earlier, though next time I would like to go a little better prepared. Nothing against raisin rolls, but I wouldn’t mind some water and a cup of tea in the morning. You can read about here.
We weren’t disappointed by our ride across the Lofoten. The weather was beautiful and there was barely any wind at all. So it probably was one of the easier rides of the entire adventure. OK, my little crash while cycling along Moskenesøya added some experience I could have lived without, but thankfully it did not bring us to a complete stop. To be fair, if it hadn’t been the experience would have been far too perfect to be true anyway. Solo and I later discussed if it would have been an idea to start our ride up in the North and go South instead, but I believe the way we did it was better, as the most beautiful area presented itself as the icing on the cake on our last days cycling through Norway. I wouldn’t want to miss this trip in my life. I am glad we did it, and maybe one day we can cycle some in South Norway too.
You can find the entire story of the adventure starting here on my blog.

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