Calendar photo for the month: November 2018

Calendar photo for the month: November 2018

Vik on the shoreline of the Sognefjorden, Norway’s longest fjord, is featuring the calendar photo of the month November. It is from the German Norwegen Kalender, but is also included in the English Norway calendar as well as in all Norway planners.
I took this image during my Scandinavian Adventure while traveling by boat from Leikanger to Bergen.

11_November Calendar photo for the month November

Main season in Bergen

Since I didn’t bring my mobile phone to this part of our adventure we weren’t able to pre-book a hotel room in Bergen. We didn’t think much about it until we arrived and it was difficult to find one. The youth hostel in town turned out expensive and the woman at the tourist information was uncertain if they had a place for our bikes. The first hotel we stopped at had only the honeymoon suite available…kind of not what we were there for. We got lucky to get a room in the third hotel we stopped at. But now I started fearing for our trip farther north, what if the Hurtigruten which we wanted to take a day later was booked out as well? Would our tour end early? Would we have to go south instead of north? Getting this sorted was the first priority after scoring a room.

Sightseeing in Bergen

After we had scored our place on the Hurtigruten for the next day it was time to explore the city. Still early in the afternoon, it was crowded. So many people with the same goal. We soon decided to retreat to our hotel room and delay the sightseeing until the evening. Thankfully most of the tourists had left when we made our second attempt. Of course, this also meant that some of the attractions like Håkonshallen were already closing. But we did no longer have to endure the heat of the afternoon. I suggested a trip up to Fløyen, one of the seven mountains of Bergen, with the Floibanen. The view from up there was splendid. I watched the Finnmarken, one of the vessels of the Hurtigruten, leave the harbor. One more night in Bergen and we would enter her sister boat, the Polarlys going north.

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