Calendar photo for the month: October 2018

Calendar photo for the month: October 2018


The English New Zealand Calendar provides us with the calendar photo for the month October. The image is also included in the German Neuseeland Kalendar for November. I took this photo during my New Zealand adventure, which you can read more about here

10_October Calendar photo for the month October 2018

Memories of a rainy day

The day started looking really good, the beautiful sunny weather allowed for a breakfast in the garden of our motel. Afterward, we spend some time sightseeing in Rotorua before we started the drive toward the starting point of our cycling tour, not without a few more stops for sightseeing. Right before we were to get our bikes ready it started drizzling. Annoying, but sustainable. I still had hope for the day, though the weather forecast I had checked earlier in the morning was not promising to say the least. The rain got heavier, and by the time I reached the bus for our lunch stop I was soaking wet. Still, after some sandwiches, I decided to go on. So I changed clothes, put on the windproof trousers and some rain gear, not to mention my headlight, and jumped back on my bike. I knew I would not take any photos in this rain, so I left the camera on the bus. Now all I had with me was the bare essentials for the ride.

Seaking shelter

Now not only fighting the rain and the wind but also some climbs through the Tongariro National Park, was getting harder and harder. I still believed I would make it to our hotel for the night. But how could I now get my granola bars without drowning my phone? I was looking for some shelter, but could not find any, not even a bus stop. Eventually, I spotted a house with a shielded entrance. That would do. The owners turned up in their car on their driveway asking if there was anything special, so I just explained that I needed to seek cover from the rain for a little while. They kindly allowed me to stay. Gosh, I was freezing cold. 4˚C and rain wasn’t the weather I was dressed for. Still, I wanted to go on. That was when our guide’s bus turned up at the same driveway and we were made to go on the bus instead of riding the remaining 10km. That of course also was, when the rain finally stopped. But since the bus was there, so was my camera and with that the chance to take a few photos of this beautiful place.

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