What’s happening here in December 2020

What’s happening here in December 2020

Christmas is getting closer, so is Chanukka and winter solstice. Whichever you choose to celebrate, I wish you a happy time! Now let’s have a look at what’s happening here in December 2020.

Photo of December 2020

This month’s photo is a little bit special, though it looks like an ordinary cock.

Yes, it is just a cock, photographed in Denmark, where it swaggered over the farmyard at the Vendsyssel Historiske Museum in Sindal. What is so special about this photo that I chose for this month’s Photo of the month? I photo magazine to which I subscribe selected it as a Runner Up for their monthly photo competition. Which, of course, makes this photograph special to me.

I don’t always manage to send my subscriptions in on time, nor do they select one of my photos every time I manage to submit one. So finding my photo in the newest edition was a delightful surprise for me. This is only the second time that they have selected one of my photos for the Runner Ups.

Website updates

Missing post from last month

You might have missed the Photo of the month post for November 2020? Yea, unfortunately, life came in between me and writing the article. I am sorry for that.

And with this comes another twist. Due to the November-delay I am also a little short on time to write new Lightroom posts. The article for January 2021 is pretty far. However, I cannot guarantee that I get them all written up to keep up the monthly schedule. The series will continue, if I have to as a bi-monthly series for a while. Quality over quantity 🙂

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