Welcome to January 2021

Welcome to January 2021

Welcome to January 1, 2021. I wish you a happy New Year with lots of renewed hope and energy. One thing that has not changed is my monthly preview, where I tell you about the month’s photo and what is coming up here on the blog for the following few weeks.

Now, January is, of course, slightly differently. I don’t want to only give you the preview of some blog posts, but a little bit of a bigger picture as well.

So let’s start with…

The Photo of January 2021

Since many of us could not enjoy fireworks to celebrate the end of the year 2020, I have chosen a photograph of natural fireworks.

Aurora Borealis over Henningsvær, Norway - Welcome January 2021 with natural fireworks
Aurora Borealis over Henningsvær, Norway

While the Aurora Borealis might not be a proper replacement for a firework with dragons and butterflies, I prefer it over the common fireworks. They even come with a surprise effect. While you are witnessing them, you cannot see their color. However, your camera’s sensor can. Yet, watching them dance over the sky is worth it. Even if it means that I start freezing.

Plans for this blog in 2021

Nothing is cut in stone just yet, and even if it were, we all know life has a tendency to interfere when you least expect it. 😉
However, I do have some plans for this blog in 2021. So let’s have a look.

Learning Adobe ® Lightroom

The series is starting out in its third year now. It all started back in 2019 when a friendly tour operator asked me if I couldn’t post a few articles about Adobe ® Lightroom. I never thought I would need this long to write it all down. But then, it is only published on the third Friday of the month.

For the first few articles this year, we will continue where we left off in November 2020, with the local adjustment tools. After that, we might have a look into how to create presets. But the bigger subject this year, if things are working out should be printing photos. So we should have a look into calibrations and profiles. There have also been many updates that have changed the look of the Develop Module, which I hope to cover this year.

Now, this is all under the assumption that I can write as much as I hope to. Usually, I have to admit, posts end up growing a lot longer than I originally anticipated. So some of this might not even happen before 2022.

Travel Stories

Due to last year’s travel restrictions, I have not been able to collect new stories. However, there are a few more months worth of stories from the Rhodopean Explorer Tour. So I am not leaving you alone on a horse in the Rhodope Mountains. You might end up in Mongolia blaming me after all. 😀

What happens after that?

That is indeed a good question. I haven’t quite made up my mind. Maybe I’ll show you some places that I have visited without having full travel stories for them. My other option would be to write some “behind the scenes” posts about some of the photos you can find on my website. That would mostly be the more creative shots. I’ve got some more weeks to figure that out…but you could leave me a comment if you prefer one over the other too.

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