What’s happening here in June 2020

What’s happening here in June 2020

A new month starts with a new preview of what is going on here on the blog in June 2020. Where is the Bulgarian adventure going to take us and what are we going to explore in Adobe ® Lightroom? Let’s have a look.

Photo of June 2020

This is another indoor project of mine. An approach to get to know my camera better before I head out and explore the world again, hopefully soon.

I used a color gradient, which I created in Adobe ® Photoshop, for the background, placing it behind a glass of water. The idea is that the light traveling through the water gets bent and therefore seems to change the pattern of the background layer.

Photo of the month June 2020
Photo of the month June 2020

Shutter speed 1/160sec
Aperture F/5
ISO 100
Focal length (for 36mm film) 57mm
I am using remote-controlled flash placed to the side of the water glass, about 45-90˚ from the camera. I put the Speedlight relatively close to my subject and the camera. With less than a meter between it and the subject, it will brighten up my photograph a lot. However, there is also the aperture of F/5, which allows for a lot of light to pass to the sensor. So after a first test shot, I start dialing down my flash output as to not overexpose the photograph. Unfortunately, the EXIF information of my images do not contain my flash settings. However, these settings depend on how bright your room is to start with. So you have to play with them until you find something that matches your surroundings.

Blog Posts to come in June 2020

Bulgaria – Off the beaten track

Last month the journey took me from Kalofer to Shipka. On June 19, 2020, it continues with a sunrise shooting in the lavender fields of Shipka. Later in the day, we head on farther south later. So follow me to one of the oldest cities of Europe before we go and explore natural bridges in the Rhodope Mountains.

Learning Adobe ® Lightroom

In May 2020, we learned how to use the Lens Corrections Panel’s Manual Tab. On June 26, 2020, we are going to explore how to use the Transformation Panel of Adobe ® Lightroom to our advantage.

Website and the Glitch of the Month

Once more my SSL license ran out of date for this blog. This time I was able to fix that without waiting for the support team of my web host. I thought it would be a three-month license, but apparently, it only lasts two. Without an option for early renewal. So I will watch out for this at the beginning of next month. I am hoping, that I will at some point be able to set this to auto-renewal so that this error does not occur again.

And then there was the What’s happening in May article, that accidentally popped up 12 hours early. Well, I suppose that’s still better than posting it late. However, I really need to sort out my a.m.s and p.m.s or get a 24hour scheduler instead.

However, there have also been some updates on my photo website. I finally managed to post the last of my Rhodope Adventure photos, a tour that ended today a year ago. I will tell the story of this journey from October on this blog. There are also some new photos in the Creative World gallery.
So I hope you enjoy them too.

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All photos taken by Wiebke Schröder/Lille Ulven Photography.

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