What’s happening here in October 2020

What’s happening here in October 2020

Fall – and not only the meteorological one – has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and a new month started too. So let’s have a look at what’s happening here in October 2020.

Photo of October 2020

This time I selected a photo from my last tour to Iceland for you.

The photo shows Dyrhólaey from Loftsalahellir Cave. If you look very carefully, on the right end of the hilltop, you will see the upper part of Dyrhólaey Lighthouse.

Dyrhólaey (English: Doorhillisland) is a peninsula known for its bird population of puffins, great black-backed gulls, and skuas – at least if you come at the right time of the year.
Besides the birds and the lighthouse, it offers a stunning view over the southern part of Iceland.

I made the photo while standing in Loftsalahellir Cave, a former meeting point for the farmers of the area, which slowly is becoming a tourist spot. Close to the cave you can find a spot called Gálgaklettur or ‘gallows rock’, which indicates that the execution of criminals might have been taken place here. However, no records of such executions exist.

Website updates

Change to the monthly preview posts

Since some of you don’t like to know what articles I am publishing within the next month before publication, I decided to move that section a second page. You find a link to page two at the top and bottom of this page.

I promised last month that the SSL certificate expiration stuff should from now on be taken care of automatically. And with a few days to spare, my domain host took care of the renewal.

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