Welcome to April 2021

Welcome to April 2021

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Another month has arrived, so let’s welcome April 2021, and with it hopefully some warmer weather for us in the Northern Hemisphere. I wish you all a happy Easter/remaining Pessach Holiday!

Of course, I would also like to show you what this month has to offer on the blog…so follow me 🙂

Photo of April 2021

Bølandet in Norway - Photo of the Month of April 2021
Bølandet in Norway

This is a photo from my Hurtigruten Tour in Fall 2019. I took it on the very first morning of the tour before we even made it to our first daytime harbor in Ålesund.

Since this was a family tour, celebrating anniversaries and having fun photographing the Norwegian coastline, there won’t be any in-depth blog posts about the journey. However, I might create some sort of gallery extracts here once the Rhodopean Explorer Tour comes to an end. We’ll see.

Of course, with fall in Norway, the sun rises later, so I could have breakfast before going out on deck to photograph the beautiful colors in the sky. Though, I have to admit, staying inside for breakfast watching the light was difficult. Still, I was treated to this beautiful view, so I won’t complain 🙂

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