Welcome to July 2021

Welcome to July 2021

Yes, it is that time of the month again. We have a look at the photo of the month and the upcoming posts. So let’s get started right away.

Photo of the month July 2021

For this month I have selected a black and white edition of crepuscular rays in the Rhodope Mountains.

Nightfall - Photo of the month for July 2021

The jury of Outdoor Photography Magazine selected this image as a Runner up in the Atmospheric Black and White competition of issue 266. In the aftermath, I am now wondering if I should possibly have edited the middle ground a little lighter. Maybe, if I can find the time, I will create another version of it someday in the near future.
Of course, as always, you can find the story behind the photo and the day I took it here on the blog as well.

What I find intriguing with this version is that the sunrays stand out much more than in the color edition.

Nightfall - color edition of the photo of the month of July 2021
Nightfall – color edition

Both edits have something I like. However, I find the black and white version much more dramatic. Once I find the time, I might print the black and white and put it into my office. Maybe the color one could make a small print for my hallway soon too. I recently made a print of the later on Baryta paper, which I liked a lot…

Yes, I have started to print a few more of my photos in the last year. I even made a book from my Iceland photos – which looks really good. So once I find some more time, I will finally finish another book – the images are edited – this time with my Hurtigruten images. And who knows, maybe my photos from Bulgaria should be printed in a book with some stories to them. Though, I have to admit, creating those books is an expensive hobby. However, it is worth it. I can see myself sitting in my armchair looking at photos in one of those books, but I cannot picture myself looking through them on the TV or computer, just for the enjoyment of looking at them and thinking about the good times I have had while taking them.

Have you printed your photos yet? What are your experiences? At some point in the future, I will show you in the “Learning Adobe ® Lightroom” section what I have learned about printing and how I set up my system to get the best results. However, we have some more things to cover in the Develop Module before we start thinking about printing. If things work out, maybe early next year?

So much for the ramblings in July 🙂

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