Welcome to March 2021

Welcome to March 2021

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Slightly later than I would like to have it, it is time to look at what March 2021 might bring on the blog and later on to welcome spring in the northern hemisphere. So let’s dive right into it.

Photo of March 2021

Daltindur in the morning - Photo of the Month of March 2021
Daltindur in the morning

I took this photo in November 2019 during my latest trip to Iceland. Despite it being taken in late fall, I think it makes a good photo for the soon beginning of spring. I like the image: the colors in the sky and the wall of clouds starting at the bottom of the horizon line, there is something to them.

But let’s not make this a post about what has happened since. Let’s rather hope that we’ll all return to a somewhat normal world rather sooner than later, where traveling and seeing friends and family will be easier again.

And with that in mind, I hope you all are coping well with the current situation.

Let’s move on and have a look at what is waiting for you here on the blog this month on the next page.

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