Welcome to May 2021

Welcome to May 2021

Yes, it is that time of the month again. We have a look at the photo of the month and the upcoming posts. So let’s get started right away.

Photo of the month May 2021

For May 2021, I selected a photograph from the Raftsund. This is a strait separating the Lofoten archipelago from the Vesteralen in northern Norway.

I was traveling on the Hurtigruten MS Trollfjord from Kirkenes toward Bergen. When the captain decided to make a short detour into the Trollfjord. The Trollfjord is a narrow sidearm only 100 meters wide at its entrance and 800 meters at its widest section. Considering the ship itself is already 21.5 meters wide and 135.75 meters long, the Trollfjord is only on the itinerary if the weather allows. On the northbound section of the journey, I already had been lucky. It was a spectacular sight that night. With the mountain’s walls so close, it felt like you could touch them while standing on the ship’s deck. All lit up by MS Trollfjord’s lights.

I created this photo, however, shortly before we entered the Trollfjord while we were still traveling through the Raftsund. A few weeks ago, I entered it to a magazine’s photo competition. A few days ago, I learned that my photo was placed as a Runner Up among the 20 best submissions for that competition.

Raftsundet from the MS Trollfjord - Photo of the month May 2021
Raftsundet from the MS Trollfjord

I like the photo because there is just enough light on the mountain’s silhouettes to make out some differences. Of course, the sunset’s light reflecting on the water of the Raftsund is an added bonus 🙂

Website News for May 2021

I have finally started to reorganize my website at least a little. If you are looking for my photos from Spain, you will now find the gallery in the Archive folder. Don’t worry; I kept all the links as they were before. If you shared them with someone or saved them for yourself, they will still work.

Also, I started to split up my photos from Northern Germany. There is now a new gallery for photos from the Farmer’s swamp in Tiste. This new gallery not only has the photos that you already know but new ones as well. Again, I kept copies of those photos in their original place so that no links are lost.

I would love to add redirects. That would allow me to move my photos without breaking links. Unfortunately, my current web host does not allow redirects. However, this is one of the very few things that I am not 100% satisfied with. Not yet a reason to change web hosts.

I cannot recall any bigger glitches for April, so let’s hope there won’t be any in May either 🙂

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