Welcome to September 2021

Welcome to September 2021

Yes, it is that time of the month again. We have a look at the photo of the month and the upcoming posts. So let’s get started right away.

Photo of the month September 2021

For this month I selected a photo of the lighthouse in Hirtshals, Denmark, to become the photo of the month.

Nightfall - Photo of the month for July 2021
Hirtshals Fyr

The building itself is 35 meters high, placed upon a dune of 22 meters. Built during the reign of King Fredrik VII, the inauguration took place in 1863. If you climb the 144 step-staircase, you get rewarded with a stunning view, not only over the town of Hirtshals but the Skagerak and Vendsyssel. Of course, only if the weather is in your favor.

The day when I took this image was rather windy. However, that did not stop me from climbing the lighthouse having a look over the sea. The wind up there, of course, was even stronger, so it proved to be a challenge to keep the camera steady to take photographs. On the way back to Hirtshals I made this photograph, which in early August 2021 was voted into second place in a Scandinavia travel magazine.

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