Welcome to February 2021

Welcome to February 2021

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It is that time of the month again, where I look back to what has happened and forward to what is coming up here in February 2021. As usual, let’s start with the photo of the month.

Photo of February 2021

I was late this morning. About an hour too late to capture the glorious colors of the sunrise over Vestrahorn in Iceland. However, the area provides some good photo opportunities, even if you are late.

Since I took the journey and this photo in early November, the sun would rise and set early, leaving me with but a few hours of daylight. That might seem a disadvantage. However, it does not have to be. Consider this; you get the morning sun’s blue hour only a few hours apart from the evening’s blue hour. In between, the sun will never rise far enough to give you the summer’s harsh lighting conditions. And if you are even luckier, you might be able to watch the Aurora borealis at night. Of course, you might pay with freezing cold, that even the thickest clothes can hardly deal with, storms swiping over the Island, which sometimes might not allow you to leave your accommodation or whiteout conditions. But all in all, you might get a real adventure.

Photo of the month February 2021: Vestrahorn, Iceland
Vestrahorn, Iceland

Of course, Vestrahorn is an area that goes hardly unphotographed for more than a day, and plenty of photos of it have been published already. Yet, you can still find new angles, new colors, and a lot of fun.

Little did I know in December 2020, this photo would add another surprise when I entered it to a Winter Scenery competition for one of the magazines I subscribe to.

On January 14, I received an email. Not seeing who had sent it, nor was I reading the subject line, I only saw a part of its body text. “You won.” And I wondered why my mail program would allow this spam message to pass through. I decided to open it anyway, being cautious of any links and attachments. Then I realized this was indeed not a spam message.

For the first time since participating in this magazine’s photo competitions, I had won the first prize with my contribution. 🙂

Does that change my life? Naw, probably not. But it made January much more enjoyable 😀

Website news

There hasn’t happened a lot of new stuff lately on my website. I wrote a minor update to my about page, and I finally was able to update the article about Adobe ® Lightroom’s Basic Panel in the Develop Module.

However, there have been a few minor glitches that should not have happened. The search function on my photo website was for some days not working as it should have. However, it is fixed now 🙂

On Sunday, for probably a few hours, this blog was not reachable as the certificate had run out of date. This error really should not have happened. As I mentioned a few months ago, the certificate should be on semi-autorenewal. Well, I guess I have to look into that one once more. But for now, it is fixed again.

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