What’s happening in January 2020

What’s happening in January 2020

It is time again to have a look at what is happening in January 2020. Of course, only on this blog, since I still cannot predict the future, nor do I want to predict it.

Happy New Year, and with that welcome in a new decade of the century as well! I hope you have had a good start of the new year so far. 

Let’s start with the photo of the month as usual before we peek into the adventure story of this month and the post-processing series. Not to mention, we will also have a look into some more plans for the nearer future.

Photo of the month January 2020

This time I chose a picture from the Farmer’s swamp in Tiste, Germany.
It is a renatured moor. The first recorded notes that the turf can be excavated and used as fuel peat for personal use date back to 1701. From 1850 farmers are provided with their lot in the moor, which they start to drain. From 1923 until 1999 industrial turf excavation was permitted. Originally it was planned to use the dried-out area for farming purposes; however, in the 1970s, scientists found out about the positive aspects of a natural moor. Therefore the decision was made to leave the area to itself, for nature to restore the swamp.
You can find out more about this particular moor on the German website of the Tister Bauernmoor.

Reflections in the Farmers moor in Tiste, Germany – What's happening in January 2020
Reflections in the Farmers moor in Tiste, Germany

I have only visited this moor twice so far, once in winter and last year in spring, when I made this photo. What I like about this moor, in particular, is that there are different paths through the area, so that even on days when more people visit, it does not feel crowded.
Of course, I do hope to return many more times, and maybe one day I will be able to visit when the cranes are visiting too.

Articles of January 2020

Off the beaten track – Bulgaria

With last month’s article, we visited not only Prohodna Cave but also Beklemento Pass. On January 17, 2020, the journey continues early in the morning as we are going to attend the morning service at the Troyan monastery before visiting a local artist. Of course, on our tour farther east, we cannot pass the cave on our way toward Veliko Tarnovo. 

Post-processing series

Yes, we finally pick up the thread from November 2019, again and continue learning Adobe ® Lightroom. Last time we had a look into how to rename photos from within the software. This because the renaming panel is part of the Export Window too, which we are going to start to explore on January 24, 2020.

The Glitch of the month

There have been two glitches. First of all, I had plans to post this article a week earlier, but without a working internet connection, I had no chance of finishing it in time. 

And the second one, you’ve all heard about before. Once more, the automatic renewing SSL certificate refused to renew automatically over the holidays. However, I now have a little manual on how to fix the error should it occur again. If I see the warning signs in time, I will try to act on them before you notice any errors.   

Plans for 2020

In the not too far future, I am hoping for the next few weeks rather than months, not one but at least two of my website’s galleries are going to be updated. And I am going to publish the photos from my 2020 adventure in the Bulgarian Rhodope and Pirin mountains on my website as well. As always, I will keep you posted here once the galleries updated/published.

The story of my Bulgaria – Of the beaten track is going to continue as well. I still have to decide what the adventure is going to be that I will tell you about afterward.

All trademarks and copyrighted items mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

I am in no way affiliated with any of the products used in this post-processing process. I do not receive any kind of compensation for this article, it was neither offered or asked for.


All photos made by Wiebke Schröder / Lille Ulven Photography.

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