What’s up in March 2019

What’s up in March 2019

Let’s have a look at my plans for the blog in March 2019, and what happened in February. There is, of course, also the photo of the month. Not to mention, I have the glitch of the month…yea, it should not have happened, but hey I am human. You can laugh about it, I can learn from it – and of course, it is already fixed 🙂

Photo of the month

I was sure that I wanted the sunrise over the Opera of Oslo as the photo of the month for March. Not only did I photograph it a few years back in March, but it is one that is not featured in any blog articles. It does not belong to any travel stories, and I haven’t written anything about HDR (yet). However, it is photographed from a rather famous place, the pinkish art-nouveau office building and former storage house across the street from the Opera. I am still waiting for some containers to be moved so that I can photograph that place in all its glory too.

But what photo could go with the first one? I have, so far, always used two different images, one for the front page and one inside the article. However, using a completely different photo did not appear to me. Going off in the other direction, a picture from the same morning? It did not work out either. So that’s when the idea hit me to try and convert the HDR into a monochrome image.

What's up in March 2019? Photo of the month: Oslo Opera and the MS Grace in a Film Noir style
Oslo Opera and MS Grace in a Film Noir Style

While working on the monochrome conversion in Silver Efex, the idea of an old Charlie Chaplin movie style hit me. Ouch. Though all the buildings in the background are modern, none of them existed in the 20s century, the boat reminds me of one of the old steamships. But still, I believe it worked out. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d like to see more of.

Articles to come in March 2019


Last month we started with a brief look into Adobe ® Lightroom, and, if you followed the article, you might have edited your first photo with it by now. This month we are diving in deeper. Of course, if you are anything like me, you won’t want to learn every detail of the Library Module – though it has some essential features – before you really start working on your photos. Which is why I decided that we will explore the Develop Module in detail first. Beginning this month with an article featuring the Basic Panel and all the settings that you can use from there to improve your photo. That blog post is going to be published on March 22, 2019.


Yes, the story of my Iceland adventure also continues this month, actually it will be published on March 15. We will stay in the south and watch the sky over Jökulsárlón from sunrise to nightfall. Not without a short break for the nearby beach. I guess, given the temperatures, it won’t come as a surprise to you that I did not take a swim. 🙂

Website Updates and the glitch of the month

Once again I have added a few new images to my website, mostly to the “Bulgaria – Off the beaten track” gallery. Yes, the HDR and New Zealand Portfolio pages also got fixed, since they did not show a few images. But that’s not the glitch of the month I referred to, at the beginning of this article.
I would think that accidentally deleting two of the Iceland stories was much more of a glitch than this. And this actually happened while I was trying to fix some links. It should not have, so you have my apologies for that one. I am glad to say the error did not last more than 12 hours, so the articles are both restored to their full glory.

So I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you this month. See you in two weeks!

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All photos taken by Lille Ulven Photography.

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