The Scandinavian Adventure: Aarhus – Hobro – Aalborg

The Scandinavian Adventure: Aarhus – Hobro – Aalborg

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today we awoke to beautiful weather again.
So far on this ride we have been lucky with the weather, sure enough, we had
some rain but considering how little it was this must have been the best summer so far in Scandinavia for long bike rides.

Or plan for today was to take the train to Hobro and from there see if we could cycle to Aalborg, now that we were certain that the weather would permit us another ride in the sun.
Unfortunately, soon after we had checked out of the hotel and had not gone more than a kilometer toward the railway station, Solo found out that his bike’s hub had stopped working, there was no free spin of his rear wheel left…We immediately stopped and tried to fix it with our little toolkits, but there was no chance to get it working again…not with our tools. While Solo hadn’t given up hope on fixing it, I jumped on my bike and rode to one of the bike shops from yesterday, which I was hoping would open at something around 9 a.m., so that we could get some tools and fix the bike before our train left at 10:01 a.m., but we were out of luck on that one…
So I returned to Solo and we started pushing our bikes to the railway station to get the train, hoping we would be able to catch the bus in Hobro toward Aalborg.

Fixing the bike

When we arrived in Hobro, after an hour’s train ride, it took some time to get our bikes out of the train and toward the bus stop…which unfortunately meant that the busses for Aalborg had left before we were able to get to the stop.
I asked a taxi driver if he would be able to take us to Aalborg, but he said he wouldn’t have been able to take both our bikes and ourselves.

So we figured to try to find an open bike shop, where Solo could either do the work himself but borrow or buy some tools or ask them to do it for him. 
Thankfully this hadn’t happened in Norway, but first in Denmark, as I don’t know many Norwegian towns of the same size that would have a specialized bike shop at all…
Hobro had a nice little bike shop, which we found after a short while, where the owner kindly allowed us to use his tools. And when Solo could get no further the shop’s owner stepped in and used some more of his tricks and eventually was able to free the Hub.

Back on the road

But we had lost at least an hour to our original schedule before we were able to get onto our bikes and on the way to Aalborg.
Well…considering the circumstances I should say we had been lucky to only lose about an hour. At least now we were able to continue our ride and would probably also be able to make it all the way to Frederikshavn.

During the ride toward Aalborg I lost sight of Solo, he had gotten ahead of me when I had used the bushes for some private business. Even though I had yelled after him to stop, he did not hear me. I tried my best to get back in sight with him, but I had no chance.
When I came to a junction at which a sign pointed toward a cycle path to Aalborg, I stopped and wondered which road Solo had taken. Both paths would eventually lead to Aalborg…but had he gone straight or had he taken the bike path? I did not know.
Now I was in a mess…if I wasn’t able to find him on the road again then he wouldn’t know at which hotel I had booked the room for us…and how on earth he was supposed to find me in that hotel I did not know either.
I certainly used a couple of expressions not suitable to be written down. Couldn’t he have waited there for me? I did not know what to do.
Eventually, I decided to take the straight route, at least there was a little village or town coming up soon, so I could get a rest and something to drink for myself. All I had was a 50% chance anyway…and if I wouldn’t meet him on the road, well he’d have to find a way to find the hotel himself.

In that village, I saw a parking lot and some sort of kiosk and when I came closer I also saw Solo again. For a moment I considered not to stop, but it wasn’t worth risking our friendship.
So we were finally able to reunite and continued the remaining kilometers together.

Lesson of the day: make better agreements next time before going on a ride with someone, regarding when to stop and wait for the other one — or at least about where to meet up again at the final destination — so it does not matter if you lose sight of each other.

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