The Scandinavian Adventure: A day off in Aarhus

The Scandinavian Adventure: A day off in Aarhus

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Yesterday we decided to stay a full day in Aarhus, not only because it seemed to be a nice town but also because we needed some rest from cycling and not to mention searching for our way.
So this morning we had some time to enjoy our breakfast at the hotel instead of almost hurrying to get to reach some point of our tour’s stage in time to get onto some sort of public transportation.
Not so today.

After breakfast, we spent some time in search for a bike shop that would be able to sell me a new spare tire for my bike. Now, this sounds easy…but it was not.
The first sports shop that we found had no bike parts but gave us either faulty instructions to find the next one or maybe I misunderstood them completely, after all, I am not fluent in Danish…
We found out, after a while, that we couldn’t be on the right track. So we traced our steps back toward the railway station and since we wanted to get train tickets for tomorrow anyway, we went to see if we could get any connection toward Aalborg.
We both had reached the point where it would have been helpful to just get another day’s rest. Unfortunately, it turned out that there was some construction work ongoing on the railway tracks toward Aalborg, so the furthest we could get to was Hobro. From there we could potentially be lucky to be taken onto the bus, but we couldn’t be given any guarantee since we had our bikes to transport as well.
But we had no other option either as there was simply no other railway connection that would get us to Aalborg, and we had to get up north to get to Frederikshavn by Tuesday morning to get our ferry back to Oslo. So we purchased the tickets for Hobro instead and hoped the good weather would last for another day.

Bike parts and a visit to Den Gamle By

After that, I figured out where that bike shop should be found, that we were advised to visiting for my new tires. A nice walk through town led us to the shop, where unfortunately we were told that they did not have the tires with the type of valves that I needed. But they gave us directions for yet another bike shop of the same brand, which should have these…only a walk of 3 kilometers away from where we were. We considered getting our bikes, but for me, it would also have meant changing clothes…so we would have ended up spending more time getting our bikes and getting ready than with getting to that shop. So instead we walked, following the directions we had been given by the salesman.
On our way we were lucky to find yet another bike shop, where they actually had the tires that I needed, so we were able to shorten our path significantly.
Even better we were now close to Den Gamle By (The Old Town) — an open museum with houses dating back into the 1550s — which I had thought to visit anyway. What I didn’t know before we reached the entrance was that it is actually a museum in the center of the city, when I had read ”Den Gamle By” I had thought it would be just the older part of Aarhus with some of the traditional houses still intact. Instead, we found a little town of its own inside the town of Aarhus.

Den Gamle By in Aarhus does not only show the buildings of past days with some exhibits but actually, it comes with people, dressed suited to the different ages of the houses, who can give the visitors more insight into living in a certain epoch. So you can watch craftsmen doing their work or visit a shop recreated as it would have been back in the days and selling supplies that are suitable for a certain era as well.
So it is a living museum, which we enjoyed visiting. Unfortunately we seemed to have chosen one of those days when this museum is crowded with visitors, so it was sometimes impossible for us to see all the exhibits, which we might have looked at if there weren’t as many visitors…once more we felt as if the entire country was in the exact same spot we were.
Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time and even used the chance to send some postcards from the 1920s postal office.

Change of plans

The time passed fast, and only too soon it was time for us to leave the museum to get back toward our hotel to have a short break before we would go for another trip to town, this time to find a restaurant for dinner.
When we arrived at our hotel I decided to check my emails and was surprised to find an email from the youth hostel we had booked for our last two nights. Unfortunately, something had been wrong with the booking system so that there was no room available despite the fact that we had gotten our confirmation.
Thankfully the landlord of the youth hostel was able to offer us another place to stay at and, since I already knew that this was our only chance to get a room in Frederikshavn, I accepted the offer immediately.

This evening we decided not to eat at the hotel’s restaurant again, not because we hadn’t liked the food, but rather because we figured we wanted to try out another restaurant. On a warm summer’s Friday evening, we had for sure miscalculated how many people would have the very same idea… Somehow many of the places we passed looked like they had no free table left until we found an Italian restaurant, which was placed a little off the Main Street, where we finally had our dinner.
It had become much later than I had anticipated until we had finished our dinner so that we afterward didn’t have time left to explore other parts of Aarhus but went straight back to our hotel room to get some well-deserved rest before tomorrow’s ride.

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