Calendar Photo of the Month: June 2018

Calendar Photo of the Month: June 2018


This calendar photo of the Month is from my English Norway Planner, featuring the Kjørsvikbugen in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. I took this photo during my Scandinavian Adventure when Solo and I traveled by ferry from Kristiansund to Trondheim. When I started planning this tour I searched for a way to cycle from Kristiansund to Trondheim, but all I could find were routes either following a major road or dead-end roads. Nothing that could take me all the way to where I wanted us to go safely on our bikes. Maybe there would have been a shoulder to cycle on, but the idea of sharing the road with lorries wasn’t appealing to me. A rest day more would do no harm anyway, and it would make sure we would make it to Trondheim according to our schedule too.

06_June Photo of the Month June 2018

Memories of a rest day


Cycling wise this had been an easy day. Our struggles started when we arrived in Trondheim. We did not have any hotel pre-booked as we changed plans while going along. And now just arrived in Trondheim, we learned the hotel was sold out and the receptionist did not have much hope for us to find anything to stay for the night. We tried to find the tourist information with no luck. And even the hikers home for those walking on the Saint Olav’s Route from Oslo to Trondheim had a sign put out that they had no rooms left. Ouch. We went to the youth hostel, hoping they would have something for us. But all I got was a map and no room. Solo already was talking about staying up all night, taking the first train out of Trondheim in the morning, when I spotted a little commercial for a place to stay at. Would we be lucky this time? I ran back into the youth hostel, not having taken my mobile phone with me on this trip, and asked if they would make a call for me to ask if that place would maybe have a room. They did. When I left the youth hostel, I did so smiling. I had scored us a place to stay. Now, all we needed to do was find our way over there. And not only did I score us a room, I got the very last room they had. One bed for Solo and I to share. Since we already had slept sharing a tent meant for one person, we could most certainly share a bed too.
Since we now had a place, we could as good stay an extra day and have some time to go sightseeing as well.
You can, of course, find the complete story of this adventure here on my blog.

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