Chasing the Light in Iceland – Höfn

Chasing the Light in Iceland – Höfn

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

The weather forecast for every other area but the Suðausturland area around Hornafjörðdur looks somewhat discouraging. Clouds and precipitation everywhere. But thanks to Mark’s sense of adventure we will take on the six-hour drive toward Höfn in the South-East of Iceland. With this selected group of people even the restricted space in the car never feels too small. Continuous laughter and giggles are as much part of our travels as rubber animals and great views. Once more we are passing the gas station which Mark recommended for a breakfast stop just yesterday. Today we have the time, there is no sunrise to chase in this weather, but unfortunately, they do not serve breakfast before 10a.m., and it is only 9. Despite the weather, there are some photo-stops on this route so we cannot wait for them. Instead, we go on and have breakfast later on. We won’t starve, at least not today.


Our photo-stop is at Seljalandsfoss about 30km west of Skógar and about five hours into our travels. During the summer it is possible to walk behind the waterfall, but with the icy tracks, that path has been closed up for the season. And the icicles on the trap leading to it only prove how hard it would have been to get behind it without falling into the river. Still, it is a stunning location, where we spend an hour photographing the waterfall as well as some areas around it.

The craziness of people and tourists in particular always surprises me. While the barrier to the stair that leads behind the waterfall has not been crossed while I have been at Seljalandsfoss, there is another staircase. It is covered in snow and ice and looks crazy to conquer even with cleats, but a group of three has crawled up to the top. Dressed in trainers with no cleats. I am watching them trying to come back down for a while, their decent looks everything but safe. Will they make it? I don’t know, I have to leave so we can continue our travels toward Höfn.

Early night in Höfn

Our next stop is in Vík. It is time to book a new apartment and to get some groceries so we can have breakfast tomorrow. As it turns out the mall also has a not too expensive restaurant. Even dinner is sorted before we drive on toward our apartment in Höfn. There is so much to see and photograph in this area, and the rest of Iceland is still covered in clouds, so Mark decides to book us in for two nights rather than one. Tonight, however, we take an early evening. The clouds haven’t left here yet, so there is no need to go out to chase the Aurora. Maybe tomorrow.

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