The Scandinavian Adventure: Copenhagen – Malmö – Helsingborg

The Scandinavian Adventure: Copenhagen – Malmö – Helsingborg

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today we woke up to another day of beautiful weather in Copenhagen, we had already bought our train tickets to get over the Øresundbro (Oresundbridge) to Malmö by train yesterday. So all we needed to do was to get our breakfast and afterwards check out of the hotel to get to the railway station in time for the train. I had plotted a route into my GPS that would take us to the railway station, but only too soon we were surprised by a construction site and were not allowed to follow my plotted plans. Thankfully yesterday’s visit of the town had provided me with a reasonable good map in my mind, so we were able to find our route without too many stops and arrived at the railway station in time for our booked train.
The ride on the train from Copenhagen to Malmö only took 20 minutes, so about an hour after we had left the hotel in Copenhagen we arrived in Sweden.

Finding our way out of Malmö

Even though I had plotted the route from Malmö to Helsingborg into my GPS we still wanted a paper cycling map, as my GPS alone would be no good for a ride through an area I was not familiar with, all that would happen was that we would end somewhere where we weren’t supposed to be, or as in Levanger at some closed bicycle path again.
After we had what we needed for the day, we decided to spend some time in Malmö, which I remembered from a previous visit as a neat little town. Unfortunately I was unable to find the places again that I had discovered back in 2003, so our visit was only a very brief one before we decided to hit the road again and start the day’s bicycle tour.
I later learned that we hadn’t been far from what looks like a beautiful park on the map, which probably would have provided me with many opportunities for taking photos. Well, I guess that means that I will one day in the future go back there again.

As so many times before the hardest thing during a bike ride is not the ride itself, but finding the way out of town. But as soon as we had made it out of Malmö, we were able to follow small roads and bicycle paths with very little traffic. Of course, as so often before, what had looked like a beautiful path on the maps soon turned out to end up as a pure sand path, which we could not ride on at all. So we had to turn back and find an alternate route, costing us time and some nerves.
Still as long as the weather would play along with us, it would not be a disaster.
The scenery on this side of the Öresund was not as beautiful as I had anticipated from what I knew about the Danish side. But then we would have the more scenic route still ahead of us for the way back to Copenhagen tomorrow, for which we had planned to take the ferry from Helsingborg and then ride our bikes from Helsingør to Copenhagen…

Scandinavian languages

Those of you who are not familiar with the Scandinavian languages Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, might have started to wonder why I sometimes write the Øresund with an Ø and sometimes with an Ö. While Danish and Norwegian use the letters ø and æ the Swedish equivalents are ö and ä, so depending on which side of the Øresund I am on I adapt its spelling.

How to get to Helsingborg?

When we arrived in Landskrona, we had made it through about half of today’s bike ride of in total 81 kilometers, and we decided to stop and find ourselves a cafe to take a break and have something to eat. Clouds had been moving in and it looked like it might start raining anytime soon, so we finished our break faster than we might would have liked, and got back onto our bikes. Again it took a few detours to make our way out of Landskrona, and find the route again that would lead us to Helsingborg. But once we had found it, it was easy to follow and reasonably well equipped with signs that would lead us through a forest rather than along the European Road nearby.

Unfortunately by the time we reached Helsingborg the weather had turned and, thankfully first after we had checked into our hotel for the night, it started raining. On our way through Helsingborg to find a restaurant for dinner we learned that this town could offer us some great sights in the morning, if the weather was to change for the better until then…


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