From mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields​

From mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields​

This post was updated on April 17th, 2020

Off the beaten track – Veliko Tarnovo

We arrived in Krushuna last night from Troyan, after visiting the monastery, a pottery artist and Devetashka cave. Today’s journey starts with the nearby waterfalls, are they as mesmerizing as Karin described them? Before we make our way along sunflower fields to the former capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo. A new day of laughter and adventures is waiting for us.

Veliko Tarnovo, Monday, June 18, 2018

After another tasty breakfast – I guess I am falling in love with Bulgarian food – it is once more time to pack our bags. This time, only to then store them in Evo’s room. So that we can do the checkout later after we have returned from our photoshoot.

Today’s primary goal is to photograph at Krushuna Falls (Bulgarian: Крушунски водопади), only a few hundred meters from the hotel we are staying at. When I saw the first images of these cascading waterfalls in the draft-itinerary, I could hardly believe they were in Bulgaria. The photo looked more like images I had seen from Vietnam or some Caribbean Island. Do they seriously look as stunning as these? It’s time to find out.

Photographing Krushuna Falls

Karin and Phil decide to start out in the lower section, while Evo and I climb toward the upper part. This way, we avoid standing in each other’s photos all the time, and we can always change spots later. Unfortunately, a landslide destroyed most of the upper section of the hiking path. This means that we cannot walk the original loop way. We are still getting access to a smaller part of it, if by climbing fences. 

Mesmerizing waterfalls - Krushuna Falls 
- From mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields
Krushuna Falls

We are unable to enjoy this beautiful spot for too long, though. Only a few minutes after our arrival, a filming crew with a famous Bulgarian chef turns up as well. It sounds as if they are not too happy having to deal with us in their images. Much earlier than what we were hoping for we find us on the way back to the lower section after all. Now we’ll have to share instead of exchanging spots, that’s not the biggest of deals.

Krushuna Falls - details
- From mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields
Details of the waterfall

My tripod develops a new functionality of hijacking my camera. This to run away from me to places to which I cannot follow. Well, at least it is kind enough to return from there with some beautiful photos too. I actually might come to like this new function…

Hijacked cameras take beautiful images - From mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields
Hijacked cameras take beautiful images

The water here is cold. However, I soon forget about my cold feet and instead enjoy the view and my time photographing it. One side effect of the cold it is that I do not feel my itches anymore either. So it is nothing but fun being here. This is such a stunning place to be at. It could be taken right out of Lothlorien…

Do we have to go now?
- From mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields
Do we have to go now?

Is it already time for lunch?

As so often before the time passes way too fast and once more we are back on “Wiebke schedule” before we can even start our way back to the hotel for lunch. Not that anyone of us would be too concerned about that. 

After another delicious meal, we are ready to hit the road again. This time we are going toward Veliko Tarnovo, the former capital of Bulgaria. 

From the mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields to Veliko Tarnovo

Along the way, we find many fields of beautiful sunflowers, but they all have their blossoms turned in the wrong direction. All but one that is. Time to add an extra photo-stop, though this field is full of bees doing their work. Considering my two hundred bites, Karin won’t allow for me to go near it or even out of the car. To be honest, I wouldn’t dare to either. Who would like a gravestone saying: “Survivor of 200 insect bites killed by a bee sting?” Once again the hidden features of my camera come to play. This time it runs of all by itself, not even taking the tripod with it. But it does not run far, and I can watch it from the car taking beautiful photographs for me.

Sunflower fields along the road to Veliko Tarnovo - mesmerizing waterfalls to sunflower fields
Sunflower fields along the road to Veliko Tarnovo

Spare time…or maybe not?

Arriving in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgarian: Велико Търново), we have but a couple of hours for ourselves until we are to go out for dinner. But instead of everybody spending time alone we convert those hours into a photo meeting. Looking through all the photos that I have taken so far during this journey, Evo has to find the ten he likes best. Phil will later make a selection for himself before we figure out if the two agree on anything at all.

Once all the „hard work“ is done, we are heading out for dinner. Again the Shtraslivitza (Bulgarian: Щастливеца) is our restaurant of choice. As so often before dinnertime comes with a change of weather. All of a sudden, it starts pouring down like crazy, …and may window is still open. I can just hope that my room won’t get flooded. This, of course also means that there won’t be a beautiful sunset for us to photograph tonight, maybe another day then? As long as it is not raining all day long I won’t complain, and who knows maybe we get our chance already tomorrow? After all, we are going to stay here for another night.

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